One Last Hoorah

One Last Hoorahfeatured

Before we embarked on the great adventure of having children, we decided to take one last big trip.  We travelled to Ireland in late September early October for a magical ten days.  We flew into Dublin and drove south then west staying in a different city every night.   It was a whirlwind tour packing Read more

Kicking in Kentucky

Kicking in Kentuckyfeatured

Instilling the love of travel in our kids was something we had discussed even before getting pregnant.  As much as we love our life in the woods, sometimes we dream of a nomadic lifestyle.  Until we take that plunge, we try to get away as much as we can.  When Baby Bear was born, we Read more


Weekend Getawayfeatured

While big trips are always fun, I find that small weekend adventures are just as fun but aren’t nearly as exhausting.  Over Memorial Day Weekend we escaped to Florence, AL to stay at the Shoals Marriott.  We spent the weekend hanging out by the pool (which is amazing).  The weather was somewhat fickle and the Read more

Magic Kingdom Mornings

Magic Kingdom Morningsfeatured

Making the most of your Disney vacation can be a challenge especially with young children.  During our first trip, I found a few things helped us tackle the morning hours at Magic Kingdom.  With two kids under three we spent the bulk of our vacation time at Magic Kingdom.   As hard as it was, Read more

Eight Essentials for a Day at Disney

Eight Essentials for a Day at Disneyfeatured

When preparing for a magical day at Disney, what to bring with you is an important consideration.  Remember unless you rent a locker you will be stuck toting that bag all day and large bags can get quite heavy.  For our upcoming trip I compiled a list of eight essentials that everyone should bring (the Read more

Seven Days to Disney

Seven Days to Disneyfeatured

Seven Days To Go Seven Days To Go: I always make an extensive packing list.  The list serves two main purposes.  First it allows me to get a head start on packing.  Secondly it helps my super forgetful self from leaving important items behind.  Being the type A person that I am, I use a Read more

The Day I Chose Happiness

The Day I Chose Happinessfeatured

Recently I took stock of my life after a third of a century of living. On paper my life seemed fairly perfect. I have an amazing family, good health, a nice house, and a great job. What reason could I have to be unhappy. But underneath the calm surface of my life a fierce storm Read more



Eight years ago I was blessed with opportunity to spend my last month of school abroad.  The opportunity allowed me to experience health care in another country.  While in Europe I was able to take several little trips.  One place I visited was Sitges, Spain.  A short train ride from Barcelona this beach town is Read more

Life in the Wood

Life in the Woodfeatured

I’ve spent the majority of my life living in the rural South except for a few years while at college.  Living in those two major cities convinced me that life does not get much better than in the country.  Having traveled even more since then I am thoroughly convinced this hundred acres is my own Read more