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Since before we had children, I have planned on passing my wanderlust on to the next generation. I knew in order to be successful we had to start early. We had our first son in late July 2014 and his first travel adventure was that September.

After careful consideration Dauphin Island, Alabama was chosen for his first destination.  

Dauphin Island is a quiet little town off the coast of Mobile. During the shoulder season the beach is almost deserted. It was the perfect place for a relaxing getaway.

We used and chose a house that seemed perfect for our needs.  We headed out for a great week. The best advise for infant car travel is the younger the baby the better. They tend to just sleep most of the ride this way. This biggest hassle with Baby Bear was stopping for nursing and diaper changes.

We made it safely and with our sanity (which is something since we brought both our dogs as well). Unfortunately our rental house was not as advertised. Luckily it was managed by a local company and they were able to move us to house in much better condition. It was a good a lesson in voicing our concerns respectively and having the company step up and make it right.

We spent a week relaxing with our new son and enjoying the laid back atmosphere of the island. Dauphin Island is really the perfect place to visit with a newborn. There is very little to do so you are not tempted to overdo it.  

We took time to visit historic Fort Gaines. It is a beautiful fort with many photo opportunities. Our day was a bit windy but easily doable with an infant. Since Baby Bear was so little we skipped the Dauphin Island Sea Lab and The Estuarium. We mainly stuck to a little site seeing, beach time, and rest. Since babies less than six months old can’t wear sunscreen, we used sun protective clothing and limited sun exposure.

While we cooked some meals at home we did dine out regularly. The off season does come with some limitations as some places close seasonally. Our favorite find was Skinner’s Seafood. While not actually a restaurant but a seafood market they will steam the days catch for enjoyment back at your rental. The crab and shrimp are amazing. We also dined at Islanders Restaurant and Island Rainbow for pizza. Both places offered good food options.  One grocery store is located on island with slightly higher prices than the mainland.  

Early infant travel is quite easy if you remember the two biggest pointers: keep it simple and don’t overdo it.

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