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Magic Kingdom Mornings

Magic Kingdom Morningsfeatured

Making the most of your Disney vacation can be a challenge especially with young children.  During our first trip, I found a few things helped us tackle the morning hours at Magic Kingdom.  With two kids under three we spent the bulk of our vacation time at Magic Kingdom.   As hard as it was, Read more

Eight Essentials for a Day at Disney

Eight Essentials for a Day at Disneyfeatured

When preparing for a magical day at Disney, what to bring with you is an important consideration.  Remember unless you rent a locker you will be stuck toting that bag all day and large bags can get quite heavy.  For our upcoming trip I compiled a list of eight essentials that everyone should bring (the Read more

Seven Days to Disney

Seven Days to Disneyfeatured

Seven Days To Go Seven Days To Go: I always make an extensive packing list.  The list serves two main purposes.  First it allows me to get a head start on packing.  Secondly it helps my super forgetful self from leaving important items behind.  Being the type A person that I am, I use a Read more