Eight Essentials for a Day at Disney

Eight Essentials for a Day at Disneyfeatured

When preparing for a magical day at Disney, what to bring with you is an important consideration.  Remember unless you rent a locker you will be stuck toting that bag all day and large bags can get quite heavy.  For our upcoming trip I compiled a list of eight essentials that everyone should bring (the list gets longer with toddlers in tow).

  1. A camera is a must.  Those magical moments need to be captured.  This can be as simple as your smart phone or a fancy camera.  Don’t forget a spare battery and memory card because nothing is more frustrating than equipment you can’t use.
  2. The weather in Orlando can be unpredictable.  A poncho is a good idea because of the likelihood of pop up showers.  While they are sold in the park you’ll like be soaked before you can purchase one and get it on.  Only skip this item if there is a zero percent chance of rain that day.
  3. The average person walks around ten miles a day at Disney.  Comfortable shoes are a must.  Now is not the time to break in a new pair.  Wear shoes you know will be comfortable and aren’t hard to keep on your feet (nothing worse than losing a shoe on a ride).
  4. Even in November Orlando can be quite warm.  Disney does not want anyone to dehydrate so they offer free glasses of ice water.  Bring your own refillable water bottle to help reduce waste.
  5. Orlando sun can be quite strong so don’t forget sunscreen.  Remember the key is to reapply often.  Nothing ruins a vacation faster than a painful sunburn.  Don’t forget your lips by using SPF lip balm.  Protect your eyes with sunglasses and/or a hat.
  6. Our first trip to Disney half our group ended up sick with a cold.  Now we always have alcohol based hand sanitizer and use it often.  
  7. The Disney World app is essential for booking and managing your Fastpass and dining reservations.  It also has a feature that estimates the current standby wait time at the attractions.
  8.  I found my cell phone battery is no match for the long day at Disney.  Between using the Disney app, entertaining my child in long lines, and taking pictures the battery is often exhausted by the afternoon.  A mobile charger allows me to stay on the go while recharging my battery.

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