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Seven Days To Go: I always make an extensive packing list.  The list serves two main purposes.  First it allows me to get a head start on packing.  Secondly it helps my super forgetful self from leaving important items behind.  Being the type A person that I am, I use a spreadsheet and divide my list into categories.  By being as organized as possible I help keep my sanity during the craziness of trip prep.  I am able to use the lists to determine how many pairs of underwear we will need, etc.  I also start to work to maximize the limited suitcase space.

Six Days To Go:  This is always the start of the major laundry for the trip.  Luckily we tend to wear Disney specific clothes that aren’t necessarily part of our usual wardrobe.  By getting a head start on any laundry we will need I can save myself some headaches later.  This is the day that I put together all of our travel documents.  This can be as simple as printing the plane tickets or as extensive as creating daily itineraries for our travels.  I like to have it all together so there is no last minute dash for the baby’s passport.

Five Days To Go:  Using my packing lists I make a shopping list to get any items that are still needed for the trip.  I also take stock of our groceries and buy just enough to get us through until we leave to try to minimize waste.   Hopefully by using the list I will save myself a last minute dash to the store.  I also like to get a trip itinary together.  This consists of all the trip details along with a schedule of our reservations.  This can be as simple as downloading the Disney app.  When linked to your reservation it will have all of dining and fast passes you have reserved along with park operating hours.  I use this app extensively.  I also create a spreadsheet schedule for each day due to personal preference.

Four Days To Go: I double check our Garden Grocer order to make sure all our needed grocery items have been ordered.  Garden Grocer Is a great service that does the shopping for you.  Your order is delivered directly to your room on the day you arrive.  This service does charge a fee but I find it is much cheaper than shopping at the Disney based stores.  Since we are staying at a Disney resort I also take advantage of the online check in feature.  When the Magic Express arrives at the hotel the front desk is often overrun with the new arrivals. Disney allows early checkin which allows you to skip the front desk.  Since your magic band is also your room key, you can stow any luggage with bell services and head straight for the park or your room if it is ready.  The hotel sends an email or text to notify you when your room is available.  This trip we should arrive at the Contemporary before lunch.  Our plan is to drop our bags and head straight to the Magic Kingdom.  

Three Days To Go:  The trip is just around the corner now.  I like to use this day to lay out what we plan to wear our last couple days in the real world, as well as our travel day outfits.  After that I am able to pack everything but the things we use daily (IPads, chargers, hair dryer).  I try to buy new shampoo, conditioner, etc. so that I can go ahead and pack those items.  By getting the majority of our packing done this early, I greatly reduce the chance I will forget any important items.  It is also a great relief to be done with the packing.  Once that stress is over, I can focus on getting into vacation mode.

Two Days To Go: The biggest item on the agenda is setting an alarm (or alarms) to remind myself to check in online since we fly Southwest.  I also check with the dog sitter to confirm our schedule and give them a key.  Lastly, I stop by the bank for some travel cash.  Disney links your credit card directly to your magic band making it easy to buy items in the park.  In my experience this sets you up to overspend.  This trip we are trying a daily cash budget.  We have the dining plan so I have a set cash amount daily for souvenirs and food.  Hopefully this will keep us on budget.

One Day To Go: The day before I leave is always one of my favorites (or least favorites if I’m not prepared).  I double check all of our reservations and the weather forecast.  What luggage we can I go ahead and load into the car.  I make sure to fully charge all cameras and devices.  Since we are flying I check in 24 hours before take off.  We are now ready for our Magical vacation!

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