The Day I Chose Happiness

The Day I Chose Happinessfeatured

Recently I took stock of my life after a third of a century of living. On paper my life seemed fairly perfect. I have an amazing family, good health, a nice house, and a great job. What reason could I have to be unhappy. But underneath the calm surface of my life a fierce storm raged. My temper was barely contained and always seemed to be on the verge of an emotional meltdown. I often lashed out at my family and friends with little provocation. One Sunday morning I was exhausted. I was ready to stop being unhappy and unfulfilled. I needed a plan of action to change my life. I began to work on my own path to true happiness.
The first step on the path to contentment is to forgive others. True happiness is hard to find with hate and anger in your heart. Human nature is to hold a grudge and never forget when you have been wronged. But for happiness to find you, one must forgive quickly and easily. As long as you allow a grudge to rule your heart, you are allowing it to keep you from your happiness.
The second step was to learn to truly love myself. Despite my many flaws and shortcomings, I have value and am worthy of love. Happiness comes from within yourself so if you can’t love the person you are how could you ever truly be happy? By genuinely loving yourself you force yourself to become the best person you can be in order to deserve that love. So many hate themselves therefore they hate the world and are unable to be a force of good and light within it. Choosing to love yourself allows you to begin to love others as they deserve. I soon found my heart so full of love that there was little room for bitterness, hate and resentment.
Finally, I found I had to let go of guilt in order to find happiness. Guilt and the shame it brings are the great thieves of happiness. I often find myself unable to be content with my fortunate life because of the guilt at having been so richly blessed. I eventually realized that I had earned the right to take pleasure in my blessings and achievements. So often when I shared plans of a new travel destination I was met with the comment “gee that must be nice.” I would let others jealousy rob my joy. But my blessings do not come at others expense, so I have every right to enjoy them. We each get to choose how we wish to live life and should have no shame in a life well lived.
Choosing happiness was the hardest thing I have ever done. It was also the easiest. We only get to walk down this road called life once. o we should enjoy every second of it. I had always sought others to make me happy. But I realized that I am the sole person responsible for my own happiness. It is a state I must choose to be for myself. After all happiness comes from within.

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