One Last Hoorah

One Last Hoorahfeatured

Before we embarked on the great adventure of having children, we decided to take one last big trip.  We travelled to Ireland in late September early October for a magical ten days.  We flew into Dublin and drove south then west staying in a different city every night.  

It was a whirlwind tour packing as much as possible into the ten days.  Regrettably, we had to skip the northern half of the island to time restraints but hope to visit again soon.  

We travelled as we always try to do during the golden shoulder season.  In Ireland the early Fall could not be a more perfect time to visit.  The crowds were low and the weather was perfect.  There will be later posts elaborating on each area we visited in depth.  It is the best trip we had before kids and I hope to return with them soon to share the magic of the Emerald Isle.

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