Saving More at the Groceryfeatured

For most Americans, their grocery bill is a significant chunk of the budget.  Like most I try to find anyway I can to save.  Couponing and shopping sales are the most tried and true ways to get the most bang for your buck.  

A relatively new method savings is available through the Ibotta app.  Ibotta offers cash back on everyday purchases.  By using any link in this article you will be eligible to earn $10 after your first use (DISCLAIMER: this is a referral link).  

After signing up the app opens with available stores with cash back available.  Browse through the stores and activate what you plan to use.  Once you finish shopping all that is left is to verify purchases.  From the verify purchases menu choose each item purchased and scan the items barcode.  When all items are scanned then scan the store receipt.  Cash back  will be added usually within twenty-four hours.

Cash back earned can be seen on the menu tab.  Cash back can be redeemed by gift cards, venmo, and PayPal.  Money can also be earned through bonuses (such as by twelve items in a certain amount of time and earn an extra $2).  The best thing is Ibotta can be used with paper coupons for even more savings.  So while a little complicated Ibotta can be an easy way to save.

I have been using the app for about a year and saved a little $500 so far.  

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